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Wrap up - Valkyrie Jam 2024


Laura here from the organisers again, giving our Valkyries a breath while they have spent today wrapping up and publishing their games on

It's been a very fun journey watching the games grow from an idea to a playable game. We've seen their journey and they have also shared their thoughts, work in progress in this blog. A bit differently than last year, we hope you enjoyed this.

During the then days the valkyries have been to Nordpoolen to enjoy some time off, they've visited Boden city and we also got a tour of the facilities on Boden Business park. I've shared some photos below for you all to enjoy.

And now finally! The games, of course!

Team Koala made a game titled Lost Screws. Here is their description of it:

Repair, fix and help out: that is what you were designed for. Play as a tiny robot and accomplish the clockmaker's tasks to earn your spot!

Play it here: Click!

Team Kangaroo made a game titled E:/motions. Once again, their description below:

In this small life-sim game, you are a robot, getting ready for their day. Every day you get tasks to complete and for that you need to load up the right emotions. What you choose will determine your path in robolife.

Play it here: Click!

We hoped you enjoy Valkyrie Jam 2024 and hope you will join us again in 2025.

Valkyrie Jam 2024... Signing off.

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