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Team Kangaroo - Day 7

Loryn with another Team Kangaroo update! Since our last post, we did take a small break to gather ourselves and reset. Then we came up with a game plan to ensure we wrap up our game on time.

We have a name for the game!!!! E:/motions

Sammie worked hard on integrating all the animation and art assets into her working test space to create the final scene. So we have started playtesting this version now as a team and working through any bugs or kinks as we go!

Leene finished up the chip art assets and they are super cute! I am working on getting these rigged and animated today between testing.

Ella is keeping things organized design-side and working out any issues pertaining to the design space! She fixed a gameplay bug to ensure smooth playtesting! Ella also is working on a specific task list for each emotion - tasks that will be less ambiguous.

Jamie submitted SFX into our game repo and they are now working on hooking them up in game!


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