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Team Koala - Update

The Koalas are sailing!

So far, all is coming together and we are quite happy with our development.

Today in a nutshell:

Shahrin implemented the puzzles and improved features. She couldn't take long walks due to the weather, so she spent the day walking into the house (when she wasn't furiously typing on the keyboard).

Tua is no longer dying and has made incredible vegan cookies. Apart from that, she did awesome lighting, animations, and VFX.

Lison added textures over the objects and tasted the cookies. She's a bit underwater with the art as she really wants the game to look great. Hopefully, she'll dive into coding soon. Anyway, she learned a ton about Unity and 3D art, and she's very happy about it!

Tabea, apart from being eaten alive by mosquitos and eating cookies, composed the music and integrated an audio manager into the game.

Roberta, while surfing on coolness, managed to script the events flow with the in-game days (and wrote a letter)

Camille finished the writing and branching. The texts have been integrated too while eating cookies... and since she's the one writing these words while the crew is sending memes, no funny facts anymore.

Here are a few WIPS about what we're currently cooking.

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