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About Valkyrie Jam

Valkyrie Jam is a ten day long game jam for experienced women and non-binary game developers. Cooking and cleaning is taken care of, and lodging is free. You only have to pay for your ticket to the venue. 

For questions, email

Where is it?

The jam takes place at Peetgården in Boden, Sweden.


Located 80 km south of the arctic circle, the venue has 12 beds divided between four bedrooms and set in a environment dating back to the mid-1600s.

The rooms and settings have been renovated and modern technology and conveniences have been blended into the historical environment. 

On the venue there is also a house with a relaxation department and ‘wilderness kitchen’, where you have the opportunity to enjoy food prepared over an open fire. The relaxation department features a sauna and a wood heated hot tub.

What is provided?

Bed linen and towels will be provided at the venue. 

All meals will cooked and delivered daily, including snacks, drinks and fruit.


What should I bring?

Clothes, pyjamas and any foods or items you can't live without for 10 days!

NOTE: Do not bring any hardware or software from work as it can get us all in trouble. Thank you!

Bathing suit, fun board games and your favorite coffee mug are optional but highly encouraged! 

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