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Valkyrie Jam - Day 4 ice cream, interviews and baking!

Another day pass by at the countryside of Boden and today we started interviewing! Hopefully we will get something up for our newly created Youtube Channel. (How do you like my bucket setup? Pretty cool eh?) As youtuber peeps says, please like and subscribe! (just that there's nothing to like yet...).

The days are getting notoriously hotter and hotter, and to not melt away in the heat we decided it was time to cool down with some well-deserved ice cream! Yummy! Thank you Magnum for making vegan ice cream so tasty and delicious <3

Also, did you know? We have an amazing bathtub here, with a starry sky and cute little soaps. To avoid any argue and showdowns, we have a sophisticated list, taped to the front door. Any Valkyrie that feels that they need some self-time can enjoy a luxurious bath and ponder about life in there. (the time schedule is mainly to give Jenny and her family a break as it's in their lodging... but that doesn't sound as cool)

And now to the main part that everyone here is for, screenshots of the games progression!

The teams are making rapid progression, so rapid that we instead of only screenshots decided to put in some gifs as well. Games are best enjoyed in moving media anyway.

From Team Lynx we are seeing some animation progress, teleportation mechanic and some new art pieces!

From Team Wolverine we can see a lot of code (no clue still what's going on...sorry!), vegetation placement with some ui implementation (I wonder what this is going to be :O) and camera restrictions!

In the evening, Pauliina and Karen was kind enough to make some really tasty Swedish fika! Chocolate balls with pearl sugar, it's an old tradition in Sweden and some eat them covered in shredded coconut.

And as an ending note! Most of our Valkyries was brave enough to make the icy plunge and sauna yesterday evening! And what about that reward we mentioned in the previous post? Well, the team get to pick one asset they like one of the organisers to make for their game. Team Lynx choose to have our lovely co-founder Jenny to make their splash screen. Check back for results later!

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