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Day 8 - Photomodelling, drones and private chef!

Second last day of making games today! The Valkryians have tomorrow to finnish their game projects off!

Photoshooting day! The Valkyrians are prepping for the drone shot!

Today we had a Mats, a photographer visiting us, taking photos for Boden Business Park. The Valkyrians have had their fair share of practice with this (me paparazzing everywhere!), but I think there were a little surprised with the drone, hovering above their faces (in this heat though, it's like a super fan!)

Just had to take a pic of Mats taking a picture...

The Valkyrians had the chance to play photo models for roughly 2 hours in the melting sun. (phew! Looking forward to that cold hot tub). So we got to do pretend play outside for awhile, which ofc led to us playing some corn lobbying. Mattias and Emil also joined in on the fun!

Last progress shots! The teams are in full speed of polish mode and fixing bugs. Tomorrow we will see the final results and also get to enjoy playing it. Do not forget to check out tomorrow for a link to the download page!

Today we had a really special treat! Boden Business Park surprised us with our own private chef Sebastian Gröndal, from Gröndals Matupplevelser (how luxurious isn't that! Vilda (Jenny's daughter) painted a picture of the chef.

You can follow Gröndal and their amazing food on their Instagram.

The menu was completely vegan with a few additions of vegetarian food. There were so many varieties of food that I can't even name it all, let's call it a vegan barbeque special! (yeah no... I'm terrible at food names)

The desert was vegan coconut whipped cream and local swedish berries, strawberries, raspberries and wild strawberries.

all the Valkyrians rushes to the desert to take pictures

Check back tomorrow for the grand finale!

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