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Day 7 - Swedish Cinamon buns and ponies!!

We are in the final days of Valkyrie Jam now, time really flies past and I can't believe that we are all soon to leave to go back home.

As almost a new tradition here, baking or cooking something Swedish has been part of the Valkyrians daily new profound things to do. Today Linnea and Olivia spend some hours in the already super hot house (yes it took a long time, huge batch!) baked us some Vegan Swedish cinnamon buns, really tasty. (Phew I got sweaty by just looking at them.)

Linnea decided to cook everyone lunch (she is on a cooking spree today!), fajitas with chicken and pepper stew as well as a vegetarian soy-chicken replacement (taste so similar that it makes you wonder if it really isn't chicken...)

For dinner Mikael (Jenny's partner) cooked us some tasty pasta with vegan minced-meat. We also got some bottles of salad dressing to encourage the Valkyrians to eat more salad. (somewhat more successful, it's like bribing kids...)

After yesterday's successful playtest, the Valkyrians gathered in their teams to discuss what to further improve and polish during their final days. It seems like they all have a good indication and idea what the final product will look like.

Team Wolverine has some tasty effects for us today and some progress shots of plants from Unreal

From Team Lynx we have a sneak peak of their second level and some stained glass graphics!

So that surprise I mentioned in previous post! Ponies and horse tracks!! (yeah you read it!) Let's start with the story behind this surprise; Jenny told all valkyrians to come with wishes and suggestions for anything during the first day. She was obviously talking about food and grocery shopping list, but Linnéa had another wish in her mind. So she jokingly said "I want a pony!" (actually not sure if it was sincere...) and well, Jenny being Jenny (for those of us who know her), couldn't resist to hunt this down.

Boden Business Park (remember Mattias and Emil from previous post?) arranged so all the Valkyrians to the local horse track!

More surprises awaited the Valkryians! Boden Business Park had arranged so the Valkyrians could meet the ponies, the small horses that everyone starts with when practicing for the races.

This is how happy Linnéa looked when she found out about the ponies

Tomorrow we have more surprises and eventful things happening. We will also get a visit from Boden Business Park for some photoshooting. So bucker up Valkyrians and put on your nicest smiles, tomorrow is photoshooting day and group interviews!

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