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Valkyrie Jam Day 3 - Screenshots and icy baths

Valkyrie Jam is at day 3 and things are already starting to come together! It's fantastic to see how amazing and fast these guys are working and I can't wait to see were it all ends up.

As previous days, this day also started with pancakes!!! These Valkyrians sure loves pancakes. A lot of our Valkyrians also have some daily workout routines (including me, Yay!) to stay healty and sharp throughout the day.

We are seeing some amazing progress from everyone! Take it from someone who has been sneaking around recording and taking photos behind their shoulders the entire day. Have a look below of some over the shoulder photos and screenshots of their process so far! See if you can guess what both teams are up to.

The daily routine of my paparzzi role continues and it feels like I will soon even master the techniques of a ninja.

Some of the Valkyires had a later afternoon lunch and enjoyed the outdoor in the shadow to watch some Queereye!

From Team Lynx! We have some shaders and outdoor 3d progress, initial level layout as well as some moving platforms. As I am not a coder myself, see if you can figure out the purpose of the line of code?

From Team Wolverine we have some UI process, gameplay flow chart as well as 3d art. Looks like they might be doing a forest setting?

Today's dinner invited everyone to enjoy some fish curry with rice as well as a vegan alternative with soy-replacement. Bread, melon and some side salad was also up for grabs (barely anyone ate salad tho... sallad is so sad)

As for the evening, today we had a challenge for all our Valkyrians; cold bath challenge with sauna! Let's see how our international guest survives this Swedish/Finnish tradition (pretty sure that our neighbour Finland wants to claim credits for this one).

Cold water is being poured into what once was a hot tub. Brrr!

Even the sauna looks evil!

It's not in vain though, if everyone in a team manages to do a cold water plunge they will be rewarded! Stay tuned to find out if we have any survivors form the icy water.

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