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Valkyrie Jam Day 1

The Valkyries have gathered and it's time for the annual Game Jam to start!

But before the jam can start for real, the last Valkyrians have to arrive. While waiting, the rest of us started the day with a healthy and slow breakfast, installing softwares and basking in the northern summer light.

Katarína from CD Project Red prepping some leftover halloumi for the rest of the Valkyries

Later during the afternoon, the weather gods provided us with a blissful and warm sun that could scorch anyone who would come unprepared! (yes we do actually have summer here too!) Introduction and welcome speech were held outside the main building, that by the way is from around the year 1800.

Jenny was kind enough to brief everyone about the coming week, schedule and venue, while Kim took the role of a paparazzi (and will continue doing so throughout the week) to provide the world with nice mug shots of everyone.

The day continued with the eager and hungry Valkyrians dividing into their separate teams, Wolverine and Lynx to start their brainstorming and prep for tomorrow's production.

Stay tuned for tomorrows advetures!~

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