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Team Koala piecing together a puzzle

Hey everyone,

Team Koala is back to business

Our pitch is defined, and the different department of the team is going in the same direction (or trying to).

Without further ado, here's a spoiler. The game will include: an old woman, screws, and something that moves thanks to tracks .

We're now getting close to a complete loop of the game. Once we get it, we will be able to scale up from there. Even if we are in doubt sometimes, it looks promising (to us at least).

We have two challenges ahead (and many more). Firstly, we have yet to make C# and visual scripting interface together. Secondly, we would have to make the environment evolve through time, following the narration. Also, we have to keep the puzzles fun, challenging and enjoyable. The designs are ready, but we now need to test them. At this moment, all is very blurry, but things will slowly piece together.

What's more, here's a sneak-peek of ongoing assets made by Lison today.

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