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Team Kangaroo - Start!

Loryn from Team Kangaroo here! Our team’s concept is a cozy, chill game about the importance of all emotions (even the “negative” ones). The game centers around the player as a robot getting ready for a whole day of activities and needing to select the right emotions to equip to handle the tasks ahead.

Emotions (joy, sadness, confidence, anger, anxiety) are floppy disk-like chips. Five of these chips will be randomly auto populated into the medicine cabinet each day. And a to-do task list will be printed out just below the chips for the player to then make decisions on the three emotions to take with them. Any chips not used will remain and will gain in strength the next day (suppressed emotions).

There is no right or wrong choice per say - but some emotions are more helpful for certain tasks than others.

Feedback on your choices happens at the end of each day as the robot powers down to sleep. Again - no pass or fail - but how your emotions impacted the key aspects of your life such as career, relationships, and health.

Our Team’s Goal: Non-violent 2D game with no farming, no inventory management. Something unique, speaks to us/relatable, and meaningful. A game about masking feelings. And a finished game 😄

Individual Goals:

Loryn - to gain experience in Unity as well as 2D rigging and animation particularly in Unity.

Leene - make friends + vacation

Ella - to be in the moment, with like-minded people and do creative stuff

Sammie - focus on making a game with no external responsibilities.

Jamie - having fun, be happy, free from mosquitos Naz: To have fun, to make a type of game I've never done before, to learn from others

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