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Day 6 - newspaper article and succesful playtests!

Today is the awaited playtest evening! This is the first time the teams share a playable section with their fellow Valkyrians. You readers have seen some individual processes so far, now it's time to have a look at the actual games. Continue reading to find out more!

Our youngest Valkyrian Wilda (Jenny's daughter), was kind enough to make us Valkyrie Jam's own edition of Pokemon cards! Now we all can summon our favorite things such as 'The Tesla - Fast speed awesomeness', the very helpful 'Mouse - Click' and my favorite 'Viking House - Marshmallow Old vibes'. Time to catch em all!

We also made it into the Swedish newspaper Aftonbladet! Go and check it out! (Sorry it's in Swedish! There's always google translate!)

As you seen me complain about previously, super hot day today (can't stop stressing about how hot it actually is! We are in northern sweden for gods sake, it's supposed to be polar bears walking on the street), so as a break some of us sat and pondered in the cooling water of the hot tub.

Let's have a look at the games! So without further ado let's check out their games, first out is Team Wolverine! We have an awesome description from Mai Koythong:

"UNTITLED!! An art and fantasy game focused on player exploration and collection and designed as a fika for the mind. Play as an explorer navigating a realm between fantasy and reality. As you wander through this sacred space, fill a journal passed down by valkyries with the magical flora and fauna that you uncover in nature."

And from Team Lynx we have Katarína Smiešková who describes it as

"FAMILIAR - a cooperative puzzle game, where a witch and her familiar have to work together in order to escape the crowd, which wants to see her burn..."

We also invited Emil och Mattias from Boden Business Park to check out the games!

Cheers on a successful playtest evening! It's amazing to see what they have accomplished in only six days! We are all really excited for the end results!

Tomorrow we have a suprise for all the Valkyrians around 18.00 (6pm) so check back tomorrow to find out what!

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