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Day 2!

It's a lovely Saturday in northern Sweden, the sun is smiling, no clouds in the sky and our Valkyries are working hard on putting their initial ideas and game mechanics together.

We got some company from a neighbour cat today!

One of our lovely Valkyrians started the day with trying her hands at making Swedish pancakes for everyone!

Our Valkyrie Careena is making Swedish pancakes! So tasty and yummy!

After the delicious pancakes, everyone slowly made their way to their work stations to start trying out yesterday's brainstorming. The smiles on everyone faces make it look like they have the best time of their lives! (or it might just be because of me, popping up from nowhere) nevertheless, so far everyone is having a great time!

Kim (me) getting serious about that paparazzi role!

Around noon, some of the Valkyries decided it was time for some five star gourmet lunch, porridge, milk (soy or regular) and lingon jam (still suspicious about this combination). Tasty looking as it was (shame no one can hear my sarcasm) I politely declined the offer.

Day continued on with more prep work and tests of the game projects (ideas are starting to form for real!). The teams have decided engines and starting to figure out an art style they want to go for. Hopefully we will see some of it tomorrow!

Jenny, or lovely main organiser of this event, was kind enough to prep todays dinner, potatoes, meatballs, lingon jam (damn they love the lingon jam) and brown sauce.

Food coma invites for some time to relax and some time for other non-computer activites, before returning indoor again. And what can be better than some outdoor treasure adventure! Previous years Valkyries left a suprise for this years participants, a treasure hunt, carefully put together and left for a year! Leaving clues in the discord channel, this years group of Valkyires have been kept busy during their breaks. Eventually somewhere during the evening (8 pm to be exact), a group of Valkyrians found the treasure! A jar of dirt! ( jealous much Jack Sparrow?!) Containing previous years participants' names on post-it notes (soo cute! <3)

A huuuuge hug to the previous years Valkyires! <3 Let's see if this is a tradition that will be continued!

Even if the sun never goes completely down here, the day eventually has to come to an end. Some Valkyries are working late and others are starting to take some times to relax.

Evening also is the best time for some hot tub! See you tomorrow!

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