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Day 7 - Board games!

Hi Everyone!

On day 7 there wasn't many activities outside of continuing to work hard on the game. Currently called Kittea! And we've grabbed some work in progress photos!

Color Schemes for the levels they are building.

Examples of different pause menues.

And a little dance!

There is, of course, lots of things being done and currently they are starting to work on enemies and VFXs. And a lot of the basics have already gone into their game so they are working on variations and backgrounds.

Soon they will begin playtesting as well!

Valkyrie Jam was also visited by SVT, so if you know Swedish you can take a look at the interview they did with one of our organizers Angehlica and see what they talked about regarding the game jam:

Towards the end of the day the Valkyries sat down to play some board games and just take it easy. They ended up playing Arkham Horror and seemed to have a good time!

That's all for now!

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