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Day 10 - The Finale

Updated: Apr 16, 2023

And here we are! At the finish line, today the Valkyries went through the final fixes to be able to upload their finished game Kittea! Here is the description they put for the game:

Kittea is a game where you are a cat running a tea shop whose only customer seems to be your extremely supportive almost-girlfriend.

Finding ingredients in your magical garden is easier said than done, a recent infestation of bugs, fungus and evil stars haunts all the places where you grow your tea.

Your future girlfriend deserves the best tea, so get out there and good luck!

It looks adorable and fun and we hope you all will enjoy trying it out. You will be able to find it on our or a direct link here:

Already later during the day we had to say goodbye to some of our Valkyries but we hope they enjoyed their time and we will be looking forward to next year!

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