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Welcome to, Katelyn Isaacson

"Hi, I'm Katelyn- American vocalist, sound designer, and translator living in Paris, France! I've worked in games in all three of these aspects. Singing-wise you can hear my voice in games such as Tap My Katamari, Elsinore, and Call of Saregnar.

I started as an audio-intern-turned-sound-designer at ArenaNet in Seattle before moving to Paris to be the studio sound designer at Ubisoft Nadeo late 2019. Once singing gigs started picking up again in early 2022, I decided to go freelance to have the flexibility to continue my singing career while working on a variety of games at the same time. As of late, I've also been doing French to English localisation for the narrative games developed by the French studio Ludogram, including Firebird and Worlds of Aria.

I'm quite passionate about getting more diverse voices in game development, regularly volunteering with Women in Games France. I also foster abandoned bunnies, and make sure to stock up on Claussen kosher dill pickles wholes every time I visit home."

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