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Updated: Apr 16, 2023

Let's welcome our next Valkyrie: Celeste Gamble

Celeste Gamble is a senior environment artist at SANZARU @ Meta.

As a child, Celeste dreamed of building worlds she could walk into. Inspired by early point-and-click adventure games, and puzzle-solving games like Myst, she designed her first game in high school, using tools available to her at the time - Bryce 3D renders, image maps, HTML.

Celeste’s experience as an environment artist ranges from AAA contracting, indie game dev, VR, and student mentoring. Game jams, in particular, hold a special place in her heart. They have connected her with amazing people and allowed her to explore new technologies, (including Virtual Reality devices as early as 2013). She has since built worlds for critically acclaimed VR titles, including Obduction, (Cyan, Inc.), Marvel Powers United VR (Sanzaru Games), and Asgard’s Wrath, (Sanzaru Games).

Celeste values a sense of wonder, forever curious about the natural world, ancient civilizations, creative architecture, future technology, and the unexpected delights of the ordinary world that surrounds us every day. Her life is a never-ending mad science.

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