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Welcome Marie Vilain!

Marie Vilain is a Producer at Snowcastle Games, living in Oslo, Norway. She studied video game production in multiple disciplines during her bachelor and masters in France before becoming a Producer.

After being an Intern as an Assistant Producer at DONTNOD on the Twin Mirror IP, she set a goal of working with smaller studios and on productions with wholehearted narratives and passionate people. She worked as Krillbite’s Producer on Mosaic, at Land & Sea on an unannounced new IP and at Flatter Than Earth on Once Upon a Puppet. She loves taking part in initiatives for a better game industry and takes pride in sharing her values when teaching game production to her Bachelor students in Oslo.

She strongly believes that we can create amazing and ambitious games while taking good care of our health and each other and is committed to fighting for her teammates well being and growth.

In her free time she loves to host weekly art & crafts nights to work on all kinds of creative projects, play music and sing, swim in the river or fjord in the summer and collect colorful and cute versions of every possible thing she owns (People have said that she’s very much a kind of Enid in the "Wednesday" series if you have the reference)

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