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Welcome, Marie Lazar

"My name’s Marie Lazar, I’m a 3D environment artist working at Blizzard and for the last year I’ve been working on Overwatch 2. Prior to Overwatch I was on World of Warcraft for four years and made a lot of trees, caves, and skyboxes for the Shadowlands and Dragonflight expansions.

I grew up in western Michigan here in the USA but moved to Hamburg, Germany early in my career. After several years working on a (canceled) MOBA and several VR projects I moved to sunny California where I am now. While I miss Europe, I’m pretty happy here with my artist boyfriend. We like visiting national parks, going to life drawing sessions, and checking out burlesque shows.

In my spare time I mentor game dev students at my alma mater, Michigan State. I also tinker in Blender and play far too much Valheim."

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