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Prep-Day (Day 0)

Second year, the day before the big start of the annual women-only game jam for game developers in Northern Sweden. The event is a 10 day long Game Jam, starting tomorrow 19th of July and runs until 28th of July. The twelve participants have been divided into two groups of six people, with the quest of creating two games in 10 days.

Organisers and a few participants have already arrived during the day to prepp for tommorrow mornings start. All from setting up computers, grocery shopping to making sure everyone has a bed to sleep (no takers for sleeping with the bears ans mooses).

Computers borrowed from Boden Business park game developer education.

Goodiebags and this edition of the Valkyrie Jam t-shirts

First participants helping with computer setups and finding a comfortable spot for the comming 10 days

The first arriving participants, celebrating in the garden with some well deserved dinner

Everyone is super excited to get started and we all are looking forward to see what these super stars will come up with during the 10 day long Game Jam.

Stay tuned for daily blogs and news from the Valkyrie Jam team!

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