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Let's welcome Ash McAllan

Ash McAllan is a game development priestess, seeking out the hearts of games as they first begin to emerge from the void, shepherding them so that they are not lost as games grow through development, and connecting them to the hearts of players as they mature and make their way out into the world.

In 2012 Ash founded the Adelaide microstudio MachineSpirit with a team of three and ran it until it's closure a few years later. She then spent several years wandering in the indie tabletop rpg scene, building a way of working with systems and stories and players and their connections. When she returned to the digital games space, she worked with Failbetter Games writing for Sunless Skies and Fallen London, and That Silly Studio designing the gameplay and narrative for GoT: Tale Of Crows.

Since then she has worked with League Of Geeks in Melbourne and Star Stable in Stockholm where she now lives and works with Systemic Reaction as lead game designer on the Generation Zero live ops team.

Ash has also been a community leader in her roles with Represent Me and the Working Lunch mentorship program for non-binary folks and women in the games industry.

In her own time Ash experiments with robotics, digital community, building weird little games like gbc microrpg Thankyou Robot and crossmedium roguelike Ruins, and sometimes birdwatching to get out of the house.

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