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Let's continue our Introductions

Updated: Apr 16, 2023

We are happy to welcome: Kelsey Beachum

Kelsey Beachum is a game writer and narrative designer known for her innovative work on the award-winning indie space adventure title Outer Wilds, for which she was named a 2019 Nebula Award finalist. While her years of industry experience at both indie and triple-A studios span multiple genres and styles, her work always blends humor and playfulness with genuine emotion and heart. She has described her 2021 Game Developers Conference talk on Outer Wilds' unique narrative approach as "not the worst way to kill an hour."

Beachum claims to be fully immune to radiation, mildly proficient with a bo staff, and able to unhinge her jaw like a snake in order to swallow a burrito whole. Only one of these claims could be substantiated.

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