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Valkyrie Jam is a ten day game jam for gender minorities who are comfortable in a feminine space. It takes place in a cottage in northern Sweden.

Apply for the chance of being one of twelve game professionals split into two teams that will each have a unique role to play in making one game per team during a period of ten days.

This is a time to focus on digging into game creations, making new friends and perhaps even learning something new about game development.

Valkyrie Jam 2024 will be between 1st - 10th July


I'm excited to see what we manage to achive here both regarding the games and how this kind of initiative affects our industry. 



As a woman new to the games industry, it's invaluable to be surrounded by so many amazing female role models!



It's amazing to be around so many talented women, making games and learning from each other.

I haven't felt this inspired and creative in a very long time!

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