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Day 5 - Half of the time has passed

Five days have passed and so have half of the time as well. Our Valkyrians are continuously working hard to put their ideas into reality and yesterday we saw some really cool progress such as character animation, effects, camera movements, functioning user interface and more. And tomorrow we have the very first playtest day were we will see more of how the games runs!

But first things first! Lunch today consisted of junk food! Jenny and her family went to the local Max, a Swedish fast food burger chain (think McDonalds but better. Yes I said better!) Apparently they had never received such a large order before, and somehow they still managed to get 16 orders and extras correct :O

For dinner we had meat in gravy with potatoes. For vegetarians we had soy-replacement patties with potatoes. Everything served with sallad and bread (Salad is still sad, but a little bit happier. Seems like the Valkyrians took the hint from previous post)

The Valkyrians are not just eating all the time, they are spending a huge effort and amount of time indoors, discussing in groups and working in front of the computers.

We are seeing some really great progress today, even the shape of what to come. Team Lynx even had their first successful playable build today! Woop Woop! Time for celebration!

Team Lynx have also set dressed their first level, created some initial UI that includes a script making the popup follows the character and pointing at the screen. There are also some nice sound effects that we can't unfortunately share here at the blog, but you will be able to enjoy it later when the final games are uploaded! In the meantime you can look at this pretty screenshot and imagine what it may sound like.

Team Wolverine are also making some amazing progress! Just look at those cute bunnies! Aren't they just adorable <3 You can also see the very first prototype of their animal AI, which currently is represented as humans in the forest. (maybe they lied to me? What if it's actually the game 'Revenge of the animals', shooting humans in the forest...)

The day continues to be hotter and hotter and we are looking at 32°C tomorrow and the day after (for fahrenheit users that's 89,6°F... why do we still not have a universal way of telling temperatures?!) So instead of a hot tub, it's now a cool down tub with sun warmed water.

So in tomorrow's melting crazy heat the Valkyrians will be prepping for the playtest evening! We will see some cool gameplay from both team tomorrow and celebrate continuous success. So stay tuned for some gameplay gifs!

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