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Day 1 - 2022

And so it begins!

The day before some of the Valkyries arrived. We had started to set up the space for them but there was some unfortunate mishaps with the electricity and we struggled to get power to all the computers without the power going out in the house. A solution was put in place and we hope it will hold throughout the jam!

Due to some last minute changes our Valkyries had to decide if they wanted to do 2 teams of 4 or one big team. In the end they decided to do one big team. So we will be expecting one amazing game this year!

They've started discussing the game idea and setting up. I've heard something about cats? But who knows what the end result will be! It will be exciting to see what they come up with.

That's about all for Day 1! There will be more adventures for Day 2.

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